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Dr. Navinchandra K Thingalaya

Economist and Management Consultant             




Dr. N. K. Thingalaya, 66, is the former Chairman and Managing Director of Syndicate Bank. After obtaining the doctoral degree in Economics from the University of Bombay in 1966, joined the Bank as Economic Adviser and Head of the newly created Economic Research Department, at the head office in Manipal. Besides undertaking many research studies, was editing the monthly economic journal of the Bank-Pigmy Economic Review for over 30 years. Branching off to operations, became the General Manager in 1987. Was appointed by the Government of India as the Executive Director in 1993 and as Chairman and Managing Director in March 1995. Was able to implement successfully a turn around in the financial viability of the Bank. Retired from service after working in the banking sector for 31 years.

              Was a Consultant to the World Bank, Washington on a research project on Innovations in Banking – Syndicate’s Experience in 1977.

              Was the Chairman of the IBA Committee of Bank Economists appointed by the Indian Banks’ Association, Mumbai, 1987-1992 and 1995-97.

              Was the Chairman of the Working Group for Restructuring the Regional Rural Banks, appointed by the Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, 1995-97.

              Was instrumental in setting up the Syndicate Institute of Bank Management, at Manipal, as the apex level training institute for bank executives aiming at managerial excellence, in 1997.

              Was a member of the Task Force on Research in Banking, appointed by the Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai, 1999-2000.

               Presently, Professor - Emeritus and Chairman of the Academic Council of Justice K.S. Hegde Institute of Management, Nitte, Karnataka.

               Trustee, Board of Trustees of Corporation Bank Economic Development Foundation, Corporation Bank, Mangalore.


Academic Record:

·        Ph. D in Economics from the University of Bombay, 1966.

·        M. A. in Economics from the University of Bombay, 1960.

·        B. A. in Economics and English from the University of Madras, 1958.


Academic Association with National-level Institutions:


Delivered Lectures at the following Institutions-

1.      Bankers’ Training College, Reserve Bank of India, Bombay.

2.      National Institute of Bank Management, Pune.

3.      Administrative Training Institute, Govt. of Karnataka, Mysore.

4.      National Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad.

5.      J.N. Institute of Development Banking, Hyderabad.

6.      Bankers’ Institute of Rural Development, Lucknow.


Academic Relationships with Universities:


Delivered Special lectures at the following Universities-

1.      Mangalore University- Department of Economics, Mangalore,

2.      Sri.Krishna Devaraya University- Department of Economics, Ananthapur,

3.      Kuvempu University –Department of Business Administration, Davanagere,

4.      M. L. Sukhadia University- Department of Commerce, Udaipur

5.      Gulbarga University – Department of Economics, Gulbarga,

6.      Mysore University- Department of Studies in Business Administration, Mysore.


Examiner / External Referee


For Ph. D Thesis:

1.      University of Mumbai, Mumbai,

2.      Andhra University, Visakhapatnam.,

For M. Tech:

1.      Karnataka Regional Engineering College, Surathkal,

For C.A.I.I.B:(chief examiner)

1.   Indian Institute of Bankers, Mumbai.


Lecture Assignments - International


1        As a Resource Person at the seminar on Rural Credit at SEACEN Central Banks   Training Centre. Petaling Jaya, Kuala Lumpur, 1978.

2.      As a Credit Specialist at the SEANZA Central Banking Course, hosted by Nepal  Rashtra Bank, Kathmandu, 1983,

3.      As a Specialist to deliver a talk at the 4th Afro-Asian Banking School, organized by the Institute of Bankers in South Africa, Cape Town, 1997.


Publications - Books


1.  Innovations in Banking - The Syndicate’s Experience – mimeograph published by  the World Bank, Washington, 1978.       

2.   On Bankers and Economists - published by Macmillan Ltd, Bangalore, 1981.

3.   Rural India – Real India - published by Himalaya Publishing House, Bombay, 1986.

4.      Marginal Farmers and Agricultural Labourers: An Economic Analysis - published by Syndicate Bank, Manipal, 1976.   

5.      Banking Development in Independent India- published by Economic Research and Planning Department, Syndicate Bank, Manipal, 1997.          

6.      The Banking Saga - History of South Kanara Banks - published by Corporation  Bank, Mangalore, 1999.

7.      The Other side of Rural Banking- published by Bankers’ Institute of Rural Development, Lucknow, 2000.

8.      A to Z in Bank Management- published by, Vikas Publishing House, New Delhi, 2001.

9.      Gramin Banks in India: A Reassessment, published by Justice K. S. Hegde Institute 

     of Management, Nitte-Mangalore, 2001.

10.   Banking Challenges: Can Small Remain Beautiful? published by Justice K. S. Hegde Institute of Management, Nitte-Mangalore, 2003.


Articles published in: Books


1.      Banking Development in Karnataka- in The Karnataka State Gazetteer, Government of Karnataka, Bangalore, 1982.

2.      Strategies for Rural Development: Some Issues in Employment Through Rural Development. Edited by V. S. Mahajan, Chandigarh.1993.

3.      Training Strategy for Meeting the Requirements for Deeper Involvement of Banks in Rural Development in Emerging Training Needs of the Banking Industry in the 90s Reserve Bank of India Staff College, Madras, 1990.

4.      Rural Banking in India; Problems and Prospects in Problems and Prospects of Rural Banking in India, Edited by G. V. Joshi. Mangalore University, Mangalore.1997.

5.      Banking Research during My Lifetime in Knowledge Through Our Life Time. Edited by Dr. P. R. Brahmananda, Mysore, 1997.

6.      Preparation of Performance Budgeting in Performance Budgeting in Commercial Banks, Edited by B. N. Dingankar, Bankers’ Training College, Reserve Bank of India, Mumbai, 1983.

7.      Indian Banking at the Cross roads in Indian Banking: Issues and Concerns; Edited by Prof.G.V.Joshi et al published by Mangalore University, 2001.


Articles published in : Journals.


Prajnan – Journal of Social and Management Sciences,NIBM, Pune.


1.      Economic Growth and Rural Poverty, vol. XXVII #2. July-Sept, 1998.

2.   Madhya Pradesh: Human Development Report, vol. XXVIII, #2. July-Sept, 1999


Indian Management, Journal of the All India Management Association, New Delhi,


1.      A to Z in Bank Management, vol. 38, #6 June 1999.

2.      Mother’s Management Styles: MEAL versus ZEAL, vol. 39, #4. April 2000.


Journal of the Indian Institute of Bankers,(Renamed as Bank Quest in 2001) Mumbai


1.      Narasimham Committee Reports: Some Contradictions and Compromises, Vol 69.4 Jan-March 1999.

2.      Delinquency in Agricultural Advances: An Analysis, Jan-March 2000.

3.      Consolidation of Banking Sector: Realigning the Rural Banking Segment, July-September 2001.

IBA Bulletin, Banking Journal of the Indian Banks’ Association, Mumbai


1.      Universal Banking – Is it Necessary Now?   Feb 1999.

2.      Indian Banking: Need for a Long-term Perspective for Growth and Stability, Special Issue, March, 2001.

3.      The Global Presence of Indian Banks: A Historical Perspective, January, 2002.


Industrial Economist, Fortnightly Business Magazine, Chennai.


1.        Management Education in India- The Changes Needed, June 15,1999.

2.        IDFC Prioritizing Infrastructure.  Mar 30, 1998.

3.        Tamil Nadu Banking Sector- Business Boosters. Sept 30, 1998.

4.        West Bengal: Capital Accumulates in Calcutta. Jan 30,1999.

5.        Private Sector Financing: Lavish with the Private pals. June 30, 1999.

6.        Geography of Credit Expansion: Glaring Regional Inequalities. April 15, 1999.

7.        Delhi emerging as a Major Financial Centre… April 30, 1999.

8.        Rural Development-Where is the Purchasing Power? Nov 30, 1999.

9.        Re-inventing Rural Banking, Dec 15, 1999.

10.    Business Legends- A Well-researched Work, Sept 30,1999.

11.    The Image Building Exercise: Selling Hard? Jan 15, 2000.

12.    NPA. Mercy Killing- Is there no Alternative? Feb 29, 2000.

13.    Merger Mania of the Navarathna Banks, Jan 30, 2000.

14.    Credit Policy-Not many New Measures, May 30, 2000.

15.    Should the Small Saver pay for Banks’ Inefficiency? April 30, 2000.

16.    Bank Audit: The Watchdog’s Role, Then and Now. May 15, 2000.

17.    Banks into Insurance: There are no short-cuts. June 15, 2000.

18.    When a Foreign Bank went into Liquidation, June 30, 2000.

19.    Banking in Bangalore and Hyderabad- A Race for Supremacy, Mar. 30, 1999.

20.    Post Office Deposits: Smaller Savings at Higher Costs, Dec.30, 1998.

21.    Unclaimed Bank Deposits: Can’t Rest in Peace, Oct. 30, 1998.

22.    Debt Recovery: Manu’s Mandate for Debt Recovery, Oct.30, 1999.

23.    Visionary Zeal for the New Millennium, Dec. 30, 1999.

24.    Ask Bill to Re-visit India, April 15, 2000.

25.    Non-performing Assets: Unresolved Issues, July 15, 2000.

26.    RBI Credit Policy: Nothing Radical, October 30, 2000.

27.    Filmdom and the Banks, May 30, 2001.

28.    Sixty and Unwanted, July 30, 2001.

29.    Banking on the Sun, October 15, 2001.

30.    Mangalore-A mega city in the making, October 30, 2001.

31.    Copious and Cheaper Credit? November 15,2001.

32.    Reviving the Assets, November 30, 2001.

33.    Brick and Mortar Branches continue to increase, Dec.30, 2001.

34.    Emergence of the Joint Banking Sector in India, Aug 30 2002.

35.    Who owns the Joint sector banks? Sept 15, 2002

36.    Yogakshema of Indian Banks, Nov.30 2002

37.    Is it only common sense? June30,2003


The Economic Times, Financial daily, Mumbai.


1.      Corporate Loyalty and Carrots, Sept. 13, 1999

2.      The Banking System: Quality, That is the Key, April 22,1998.

3.      Local Area Banks remain Local, not Vocal, November 14, 2001.


The Business Line, Financial daily, Chennai.


1.      Enhancing the Autonomy of Banks, May 27, 2000.

2.      Credit Policy-1999-2000: Not Much Beyond Ritualistic Pronouncements,

May 11, 1999.

3.      Credit Policy: Fresh and Bright Measures, May 21, 1998.

4.      Regional Rural Banks under a Microscope, April 18, 1998.

5.      Banking in Backward States, April 17, 1998.

6.      Deposit Rates off on a Joy ride, Feb. 20, 1998.

7.      Bank Branches in enemy land, July 21, 2001.


State Bank of India Monthly Review, Mumbai.

1.   Gramin Banks’ Performance: A Diagnosis, No.7, July 2001.


Financing Agriculture, Quarterly journal of AFC Ltd, Mumbai.

1.      Regional Rural Banks: Are They Turning the Corner? Oct-Dec 2000.

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Rural Banker, quarterly journal of SBI Institute of Rural Development, Hyderabad.

1.      Regional Rural Banks: Call them by many names. Jan-March 2000.




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CELL : 91- 98456 - 82474

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